The McGill University Rowing Club has a long and decorated history of producing some of the finest oarspeople the nation has seen. Many of our athletes and alumni have gone on to represent the red-and-white of Canada’s National Team.

2006 – World Rowing Championships; Eton, UK

Mara Jones (Lightweight Double, 4th)

Derek O’Farrell (Men’s Coxed Pair, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Doug Vandor (Lightweight Double, 12)

2006 – World University Rowing Championships; Trakai, Lithuania

Isabelle Teolis (Women’s Four, 7th)

2006 – Commonwealth Regatta; Strathclyde, Scotland

Isabelle Teolis (Women’s Four, 2nd – Silver Medal)

2005 – World Rowing Championships; Gifu, Japan

Mara Jones (Lightweight Women’s Quad, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

Doug Vandor (Lightweight Men’s Quad, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

2005 – Under 23 World Rowing Championships, Amsterdam

Derek O’Farrell (Men’s Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Sarah Pape (Women’s Coach)

2004 – Olympic Games, Athens

Mara Jones (Lightweight Double, 8th)

Genevieve Meredith (Spare)

Sarah Pape (Women’s Eight, 7th)

Doug Vandor (Spare)

2004 – World Championships; Banyolas, Spain

Genevieve Meredith (Lightweight Quad, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Doug Vandor (Lightweight Pair, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

2003 – World Championships; Milan, Italy

Geoff Hodgson (Men’s Coxed Pair, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Mara Jones (Women’s Lightweight Double, 5th)

Sarah Pape (Women’s Eight Coxswain, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Doug Vandor (Men’s Lightweight Four, 5th)

2003 – Pan Am Games; Dominican Republic

Geoff Hodgson (Men’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Genevieve Meredith (Lightweight Single sculls, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Genevieve Meredith (Lightweight Double, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

Dallas Smith (Men’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

2002 – World Championships; Seville, Spain

Genevieve Meredith (Lightweight Single, 9th)

Sarah Pape (Women’s Eight Coxswain, 6th)

Doug Vandor (Men’s Lightweight Four, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

2001 – World Championships; Lucerne, Switzerland

Genevieve Meredith (Women’s Lightweight Double, 4th)

Sarah Pape (Women’s Eight Coxswain, 7th)

2000 – Olympic Games, Sydney

Henry Hering (Pair, 7th)

Alison Korn (Women’s Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Genevieve Meredith (Women’s Lightweight Double – alternate)

Sarah Pape (Coach – Women’s Lightweight Double)

2000 – World Championships;

Ben Storey (Lightweight Pair, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

1999 – World Championships; St. Catharines, Ontario

Alison Korn (Women’s Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Genevieve Meredith (Women’s Lightweight Double, Final B)

Ben Storey (Men’s Lightweight Eight, 4th)

1999 – Pan Am Games; Winnipeg, Manitoba

Ben Storey (Men’s Lightweight Four, 4th)

1998 – World Championships; Cologne, Germany

Alison Korn (Women’s Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Alison Korn (Women’s Pair, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

Ben Storey (Men’s Lightweight Four, Final B)

1997 – World Championships; Aiguebelette, France

Jason Blair (Team Manager)

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Eight, 7th)

Alison Korn (Women’s Pair, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

Alison Korn (Women’s Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

Ben Storey (Men’s Lightweight Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

1996 – Olympic Games, Atlanta

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Eight – alternate)

Henry Hering (Eight, Fourth)

Alison Korn (Women’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Eight, 4th)

Tosha Tsang (Women’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

1996 – World Championships; Strathclyde, Scotland

Ben Storey (Men’s Lightweight Eight, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

1995 – World Championships; Tampere, Finland

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Four, 12th)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Four, 12th)

Tosha Tsang (Women’s Eight, 6th)

1995 – Pan Am Games; Mar del Plata, Argentina

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Four, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Eight, 2nd – Silver Medal)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Four, 2nd – Silver Medal)

1994 – World Championships; Indianapolis, USA

Sandy Bourk (Women’s Lightweight Four, 5th)

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Four, 7th)

1993 – World Championships; Prague, Czech Republic

Bradshaw Crombie (Men’s Four, 4th)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Four, 4th)

1992 – Olympic Games, Barcelona

Henry Hering (Pair, 9th)

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Four, 11th)

1992 – World Championships; Montreal, Canada

Lisa Carey (Women’s Lightweight Single (USA))

1991 – World Championships; Vienna, Austria

Rachel Starr (Women’s Lightweight Four, 6th)

1991 – Pan Am Games; Havana, Cuba

Greg Stevenson (Men’s Four, 3rd – Bronze Medal)

1990 – World Championships; Tasmania, Australia

Rachel Starr (Women’s Lightweight Four, 1st – Gold Medal – World Champion)

1988 – Senior B; Tasmania, Australia

Andrew Tees (Men’s Eight)

John Younger (Men’s Eight)

1985 – World Championships

Guy Savard (Lightweight 8+)

Rita Toporowski (Sr. B Team, 4 Gold Medals, 1 Bronze Medal)

Rita Toporowski (Sr. A Team Spare)