As amended at the MURC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

November 13th, 2013

1. Definitions

Advisory Board any group appointed by the Executive to assist the MURC in any way deemed necessary by the Executive (as outlined in Appendix A)

AGM – Annual General Meeting

Gym – the McGill University Department of Athletics

MURC – McGill University Rowing Club

VP – Vice-President

2. Mission of the MURC

The mission of the MURC shall be to promote the sport of rowing, especially in the Canadian University circuit. The main median for such promotion shall be the competitive schedule in the fall. The MURC shall also encourage fellowship and social relations among those concerned with the sport of rowing.

3. Colours of the MURC

The colours of the MURC shall be red, white and black. The MURC will neither recognize nor permit representation by persons through the use of these colours unless they are bona fide members. The racing uniform shall be red with white and/or black. The top shall be printed with a red or white McGill crest on the front. The McGill crest on the uniform must be in accordance with and approved by the McGill University Athletics department. Absolutely no florescence shall ever be incorporated into the MURC racing uniform. All uniforms shall be the same for Varsity men, regardless of weight class. All uniforms shall be the same for Varsity women, regardless of weight class. All uniforms for Novices shall be the same, regardless of gender.

4. Management

a)     The management of the MURC shall rest in the hands of the Executive, as defined in Article 4 (e). Members of the Executive shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a term of one (1) year.

b)     The Executive may take whatever steps it deems necessary to further the mission of the MURC (as stated in Article 2), provided they do not infringe upon the articles of the constitution.

c)      The Executive shall be responsible for the control and investment of MURC funds.

d)     The Executive shall be accountable to the Members of the MURC and the McGill University Department of Athletics for its actions.

e)     The following constitute the Voting Members of the Executive:

  • Vice-President Fundraising
  • Vice-President External
  • Vice-President Internal
  • Vice-President Communications
  • Vice-President Finance
  • Vice-President Alumni Affairs
  • Vice-President Technology
  • Vice-President Development/Recruiting
  • Vice-President Truck & Trailer/Equipment
  • Team Manager
  • Head Coach

f)       The following constitute the Non-Voting Members of the Executive:

  • President
  • Past-President

g)     In the event of a tie vote, the President shall vote to break the tie.

h)     Process for impeachment of an elected executive officer and votes of non- confidence:

  1. A motion of impeachment of an elected executive officer or a motion of non- confidence in the executive as a whole may be presented by any two members of the MURC at an Executive meeting. If this is the case, the President must call a General Meeting, in accordance with Article 5 of the constitution, during which both parties shall present their respective arguments for and against the motion. A vote of 2/3 of the MURC members present constitutes non-confidence; the officer or Executive as a whole must step down immediately.
  2.  New officer(s) must then be chosen pursuant to the Rules of election.

i) Any individual who is not a member of the McGill University Rowing Club who wishes to store a boat in one of the McGill boat bays should seek approval from the president and head coach and will be charged an annual fee of $150.00.

  • Insurance is the responsibility of the owner.
  • We reserve the right to terminate the contract at any time.

5. General Meetings & Annual General Meeting (AGM)

a)     General Meetings

  1.                                                               i.      General Meetings may be called at any time by the Executive. General meetings must be chaired by the Executive President (or a member of the Executive designated by the President) and run according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Members must be given at least fourteen (14) days notice of a general meeting. Notice must include an agenda for said meetings. Attendance of two-thirds (2/3) of the membership constitutes A quorum.

b)     Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  1.                                                               i.      The AGM shall be held in anytime between NRC and January each year.
  2.                                                             ii.      The AGM format shall be as follows:
    1. President’s opening remarks
    2. President’s report
    3. VP Finance’s report
    4. Head Coach’s report
    5. Amendments to the Constitution
    6. Nominations to the Executive
    7. New Business
    8.                                                           iii.      A short verbal report from each of the VOTING MEMBERS of the Executive may be tabled.
    9.                                                           iv.      Amendments to the constitution shall be tabled.
    10.                                                             v.      Amendments to the constitution and by-laws must be proposed and seconded at the AGM. A vote of two-thirds of the members present at the AGM is required for an amendment to be approved.
    11.                                                           vi.      Quorum for the AGM shall be determined as follows: two-thirds of all membership (novice and varsity).
    12.                                                         vii.      After any constitutional amendments have been made, nominations to the Executive shall be accepted, and a vote taken on the new officers.
    13.                                                       viii.      Voting at the AGM shall be conducted as follows: A secret vote (by ballot or a blind show of hands). The tally shall be recorded on a ballot sheet and entered into the archives. Absentee voting is not permitted.

6. The fiscal year shall end on December 31st.

7. Membership

a)     Competitive Membership: Any person having paid competitive fees. Competitive membership ends on the day after fees are due for the subsequent year.

b)     Non-competitive Membership: Coaches, managers and other involved people are eligible for membership, subject to the approval of the Executive. Moreover, any person hired by the MURC, or by the McGill Athletics Department to work for the MURC, will be considered a member of the MURC.

c)      Membership may be revoked by the Executive, the Head Coach, or the McGill University Department of Athletics for any of the following reasons:

  1.                                                      i.               Failure to abide by the by-laws and/or Constitution of the MURC.
  2.                                                    ii.               Conduct unbecoming a member of the MURC.

d)     The Head Coach (should there be one) and the Executive are responsible for the behaviour of MURC members at official MURC events and are responsible for enforcing the rules of conduct as outlined in the McGill Athletics Athlete’s Code of Conduct at such events.

e)     All members agree to abide by the Constitution and by-laws of the MURC. Individual membership may be revoked at any time by a majority vote of the Executive.

f)       Revocation of membership may be appealed at any time through the President. The President is obliged to call a general meeting to hear an appeal. Membership may be reinstated by a 2/3 vote of members present.

g)     A decision in relation to the reimbursement of a revoked member’s crew fees shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

8. The Executive of the MURC is fully authorized and empowered to manage any agreements with respect to use, rental or purchase of equipment or facilities.


  1. The PRESIDENT shall call and chair all General, Club and Executive meetings, or shall designate another voting member of the Executive to act instead. The President shall supervise the business of the Club. It is recommended that the President shall have been a member of the MURC Executive (voting or non-voting) for at least one (1) year. The President shall also be an ex-officio NON-VOTING member of all committees of the Club. Specific duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

a)     Supervision of all aspects of the Club;

b)     Action as liaison, or delegation of another to act as liaison with the University and its representatives, and with other rowing clubs, and with other committees as required;

c)      Public relations; and

d)     Prepare mid-season and end of season coaching evaluations and discuss the results of the evaluations with the respective Coaches.

  1. The VICE-PRESIDENTS shall assist and act in the absence of the President. The Vice-Presidents may appoint an assistant (after approval of the executive) to realize their mandate. Each position is to be a fix number of person listed as following:

(2 VP Recruitments; 1 VP Communication; 1 or 2 VP Fundraising; 1 VP Technology; 1 VP Finance; 1 VP Alumni Affairs; 1 VP Truck and Trailer; 2 VP Internal Affairs; 1 VP External Affairs; 1 VP CURC)
Their specific duties include the following:


  1.                                                        i.            Call and chair all MURC fundraising committee meetings;
  2.                                                      ii.            Be ultimately responsible for actions taken by the MURC fundraising committees;
  3.                                                    iii.            Actively seek and co-ordinate corporate sponsorship;
  4.                                                    iv.            Be responsible for organizing all fundraising events including, but not limited to, campus events, fundraising social events, gym initiatives (such as stadium clean-up and security), etc.; and
  5.                                                      v.            Work in conjunction with VP Alumni Affairs to solicit MURC Alumni and prepare “The Wave” newsletter four (4) times annually.


  1.                                                        i.            Organize social events, including the MURC banquet, pERGatory
  2.                                                      ii.            Represent the MURC by attending all McGill Varsity Council meetings;
  3.                                                    iii.            Maintain a complete record of all actions and minutes from McGill Varsity Council meetings; and
  4.                                                    iv.            Coordinate all clothing items relating to McGill crew (fundraising packages & team uniforms) along with the help of other members of the Executive and ensure all competing members are supplied with uniform rowing gear.


  1.                                                        i.            Be bilingual;
  2.                                                      ii.            Represent the MURC by attending all meetings of the affiliated mother club;
  3.                                                    iii.            Represent the MURC by attending (with or without the Head Coach) all Association Québécoise d’Aviron (AQA) meetings, both general and technical;
  4.                                                    iv.            Maintain a complete record of all actions and minutes from AQA meetings; and
  5.                                                      v.            Shall form and chair the committee that organizes the Annual Eastern Invitational Regatta (formerly the McGill Invitational Regatta), the Queens-McGill challenge or any other regatta hosted by the MURC.


  1.                                                        i.            Establish an effective phoning/e-mailing network capable of communicating with all members, which shall be published and distributed to all members of the MURC within one week after the end of fall Crew selections (or sooner);
  2.                                                      ii.            Be responsible for the production of “The Slide”;
  3.                                                    iii.            Be responsible for securing a set meeting location where weekly Executive meetings shall take place, as well as contacting all MURC members about changes in the weekly time/location;
  4.                                                    iv.            Conduct all Executive correspondence;
  5.                                                      v.            Keep complete books (minutes) on all actions taken by the Executive;
  6.                                                    vi.            Act as membership secretary, responsible for keeping a current membership record (this includes both permanent and current addresses of all MURC members);
  7.                                                  vii.            In conjunction with the team Manager, be responsible for compiling an accurate team roster for submission to McGill Athletics, one (1) week after the end of fall Crew selections (or sooner);
  8.                                                viii.            Assist VP Alumni Affairs and VP Fundraising with preparation and distribution of “The Wave”; and
  9.                                                    ix.            Shall distribute the waiver form, as set out in Article 8, to all athletes at the beginning of the Fall season.


  1.                                                        i.            Account for all monies of the MURC and may disburse the same under instructions of the Executive;
  2.                                                      ii.            Submit a budget to the Executive for the upcoming fall season by 1st May;
  3.                                                    iii.            Be responsible for the management of all funds constituting revenue of the MURC;
  4.                                                    iv.            Prepare an annual statement and cause the same to be printed by the AGM. This annual statement may be audited by a non-member of the MURC, specifically, a representative of the Student’s Society of McGill University, the McGill Department of Athletics, or another accredited financial institution. This auditor may be determined and appointed by the MURC Executive no later than November 30 each year. Said audit may be completed prior to the MURC formal Annual General Meetings, at which time the results of the audit may be reported and made available to the membership of the MURC;
  5.                                                      v.            Prepare a weekly balance of all accounts belonging to the MURC for review by the Executive; and
  6.                                                    vi.            Be responsible for collecting all fees by the set deadline of September 30th, and maintaining a current checklist of members’ fundraising contributions.


  1.                                                        i.            Act as a liaison between the MURC Executive and the MURC alumni;
  2.                                                      ii.            Assist with the arrangement of any alumni gatherings, including regattas;
  3.                                                    iii.            Maintain a register of alumni contact information, including mailing and e-mail addresses; and
  4.                                                    iv.            Along with VP Fundraising and VP Communications, be responsible for the publication of “The Wave” alumni newsletter.

g)     The TEAM MANAGER shall

  1.                                                        i.            Be responsible for accommodation and transportation arrangements for the MURC, along with the Head Coach, who in turn will communicate directly with the McGill Department of Athletics;
  2.                                                      ii.            Along with VP Internal, be responsible for ensuring all competing members are supplied with uniform rowing gear, as well as obtaining team uniforms (not including that sold for fundraising purposes);
  3.                                                    iii.            Act in conjunction with the Coaches in the obtaining, completion, and submission of race entries;
  4.                                                    iv.            Provide a travel itinerary to the MURC competitive membership at least one week prior to departure;
  5.                                                      v.            Assist MURC members should they require alternative travel arrangements; and
  6.                                                    vi.            As per the McGill University department of Athletics, not communicate directly with any representative of the Athletics Department concerning travel arrangements. Such communication must be carried out by the Head Coach


  1.                                                        i.            Be responsible for the rental of a truck to tow the boats in the event that the MURC does not own a truck;
  2.                                                      ii.            Be responsible for the maintenance of all truck and trailer paraphernalia i.e. boat straps, stretchers;
  3.                                                    iii.            Be responsible for regatta logistics, for example: arrange for tents at regattas; bring the McGill banner to all regattas, etc.; and
  4.                                                    iv.            In conjunction with the Head Coach (should there be one), be responsible for the maintenance and organization of all MURC equipment, including the licensing and registration of the trailer with the SAAQ.
  5.                                                      v.            In the Event of MURC having a hired Boatman, the membership has the decision to allow this position be not elected.


  1.                                                      i.               Maintain the MURC web page with constant updates of relevant crew information, news, results, training schedules and programs and weekly travel itineraries during season; and
  2.                                                    ii.               Be responsible for compiling and keeping records of all results. The VP Technology shall submit these results to the appropriate media;
  3.                                                  iii.               Organize production of banquet slide show (compile pictures & videos).


  1.                                                        i.            Act as a liaison between incoming athletes and the MURC;
  2.                                                      ii.            Be responsible for responding to recruiting information requests (online or phone), organizing tours, and compiling a database/list of recruits information;
  3.                                                    iii.            Be responsible for developing and maintaining contacts with feeder high schools and rowing clubs;
  4.                                                    iv.            Represent the MURC at all possible summer or high school regattas; and
  5.                                                      v.            Be responsible for advertising and recruiting athletes on campus for novice program.


  1.                                                              i.      This position is only effective on years when CURC is hosted by McGill University
  2.                                                            ii.      Lead the organizing committee of CURC and be directly responsible of overviewing registrations, sponsorship, the running of the regatta itself and the volunteers.
  3.                                                          iii.      Needs to be bilingual.
  4. Executive meetings shall be chaired by the President or another officer designated by the President. Any three officers of the voting executive constitutes a quorum provided the President is in attendance or has given consent to the conduct of the meeting in his or her absence.
  5. An elected executive member may designate a proxy should he or she be absent from a general meeting or an executive meeting by informing the President ahead of time.
  6. The Executive, in keeping with the McGill University Department of Athletics Code of Conduct, shall draw up detailed contracts with specific job descriptions for the Coaches hired directly by the MURC. The Head Coach and assistant Head Coach(es) shall be hired directly by the McGill department of Athletics, and shall abide by the contracts signed with the gym. Should funding for a Head Coach and/or Assistant Head Coaches be withdrawn by the athletics department, the Executive will appoint a Head Coach and Assistant Head Coaches (men’s and women’s varsity) and draw up detailed, written contracts with specific job descriptions. In addition, the Executive will ratify and execute the MURC five-year plan.
  7. The Head Coach and Assistant Head Coaches are chosen and hired directly by the McGill University Department of Athletics. Other MURC varsity, junior varsity and novice coaches are sought and chosen by the Head Coach, in conjunction with the Executive President.
  8. The Executive Committee shall be informed on all matters in relation to the appointment and dismissal of Coaches, particularly those hired by MURC.
  9. All competitive rowing members, upon payments of dues, are required to sign a waiver of understanding stating that if the signed athlete is in a situation where he/she has been injured in any degree of severity, mentally or physically, and/or had money and/or personal property stolen from that same person in the realm of the MURC, the MURC is not responsible in any way. The signed waiver shall include a declaration of swimming competence.
  10. Any officer of the MURC may officially represent the MURC at various functions as sanctioned by the Executive.
  11. Resignation of officers

a)     The resignation of any officer may be accepted by the Executive with a majority vote of the remaining officers. Failing a majority, the resignation is deemed “refused” and the officer in question is obliged to continue with all of the responsibilities of his or her office.

b)     In the case of a resignation, the Executive may appoint a replacement to the office from among the members of the MURC. The appointee shall have full privileges of the office to which he or she has been appointed.

c)      In case of an appointed member of the Executive, the appointee shall hold office until his/her appointment is confirmed by the members. Confirmation must be made as soon as possible by a 2/3 vote of acceptance at a General meeting.

  1. Training Protocol

a)     Members and potential members of the MURC must submit to training and selection guidelines set out by the coaching staff, including the location or venue of training or meeting, as declared from time to time by the Executive.

  1. All equipment rented or owned by the MURC shall belong to the MURC. The coaching staff shall decide at the start of the season to which teams boats will be assigned. Rules concerning the use of equipment shall be distributed to all team members and Coaches at the beginning of the season.
  2. Crew fees

a)     Crew fees must be set by the MURC Executive before the beginning of the August training camp. The crew fee shall be the same for all competitive members of the MURC, Novice or Varsity. Those athletes selected by the coaching staff to attend Canadian University Rowing Championships will have a portion of their travel expenses for CURC’s covered by the team. Crew Fees for coxswains will be set by the Executive Committee in, accordance with the above principles, prior to the start of the season.

b)     It is understood that Crew Fees will be set as low as possible to cover the operating costs of the season, including equipment purchases deemed necessary by the Executive and/or Head Coach.

c)      Crew fees are payable in full before September 30th of the fall season, without exception, unless otherwise agreed upon. This is required for a competitive member to remain in good standing. Any athlete experiencing financial difficulties must arrange to meet and discuss these with the President and Head Coach whereby a written contract with explicit schedule of payment will be agreed upon.

d) Refunds will be issued if an athlete is injured or cut due to no fault of their own based on the duration they were on the team. No refunds will be given if the athlete quits or is removed from the team.

  1. Reimbursement of expenses

a)     Any expenses or purchases by any non-Executive member of the MURC who seeks to be reimbursed for these must be approved beforehand by the Executive and Head Coach. This includes purchase of various equipment items, gasoline for travel to regattas, etc. The Executive and Head Coach will decide which expenses are eligible for reimbursement by the MURC.

b)     In order to be reimbursed, receipts must be submitted, along with a detailed expense report, to the VP Finance within fourteen (14) days of purchase. Reimbursement will be in the form of a cheque.

  1. Turnover of Executive Committee

a)     A handover meeting of the outgoing and incoming executive committees must be scheduled by the outgoing President within two weeks of the AGM. All outgoing executive officers must provide their replacements with a turnover package to assist in the transfer of responsibilities.

b)     VP Communications shall be responsible for compiling the following items annually for storage in the MURC Archives: President’s written report, Head Coach’s written report, full team roster with contact information, all minutes of executive meetings in chronological order, and any other items deemed pertinent.

  1. Erg Room Policy
    Forbids reservation of Erg Room except for supervised workout by MURC Coaches, a reservation is needed

Appendix A

The Executive Advisory Board

1.The purpose of the Executive’s “Advisory Board” is to assist the Executive Committee where the Executives deem necessary.

  1. The Advisory Board shall meet as necessary and shall constitute of the:

a)     Past-President (Or Ex-Officer)

  1.                                 i.            The Past President shall be available for advice and may sit on the Executive Committee as an advisor in a non-voting position.

b)     Head Coach and Assistant Head Coaches (Men’s and Women’s Varsity)

  1.                                 i.            The Head Coach and Assistant Head Coaches (Men’s and Women’s Varsity) shall be hired directly by the McGill University Department of Athletics and be bound to the terms of their contracts signed with the gym.
  2.                               ii.            Should funding for a Head Coach and/or Assistant Head Coaches expire, or should the MURC lose Varsity status, a Head Coach must be appointed and hired by the MURC Executive and abide by the following guidelines:
  • He or She shall form and run a university rowing program based on specific guidelines given to him/her by the Executive by May 1st of each year.
  • He/she shall answer to the Executive and sit on the Executive committee.
  • If there is no Head Coach by the Annual General Meeting, it is incumbent upon the upcoming executive to provide an interim report by the next Executive meeting.
  • If the position is to be left vacant, then a reason for doing so must be made clear to the membership.
  • If the position is to be filled, then a date for nomination, at latest the beginning of the spring rowing season, should be set.
  • The Head Coach’s duties shall include the following, if adequate funding is available, and as determined by the MURC Executive:
    • Ensure fall training of all MURC members.
    • Personally coach at least one crew during the racing season.
    • Form, with the assistance of the Executive, and oversee coaching techniques of a volunteer or, pending funds available, paid coaching staff. He/she may choose to appoint assistant Head Coaches as he/she sees fit. He/she shall also ensure the signing by the coaching staff of a contract set forth by members of the Executive.
    • Ensure that the selection of crews is done properly, maintaining crew size set by the Executive.
    • Emphasize the development of the novice program, notwithstanding the quality of the varsity crews.
    • Be responsible for equipment repairs
    • Work with the Truck & Trailer/Equipment Manager and Team Manager in organizing and transporting equipment.
    • Work with the Team Manager in submitting race entries.
    • Organize and oversee winter training of MURC rowers.
    • Promote team spirit and unity within the MURC and outside with other rowing clubs.
    • File a formal report to the Athletics Department on the rowing season two weeks after the final regatta.
    • Represent the MURC at relevant AQA, CARA and Department of Athletics meetings.
    • Sit on the MURC Advisory Committee. The Head Coach must informally report to the Executive if asked one week prior to meeting. This report must include any problems or changes which the COACH feels must be dealt with at and by a time specified by the Head Coach.

c)      Friends of McGill Rowing (FMR)

  1.                                 i.            The FMR shall exist as an advisory body for the MURC. Membership in the FMR shall consist of all current and past members of the MURC unless an individual MURC member refuses membership.


(Note: To be update as per Motion Voted on November 13th, 2013: “Modify Appendix B, 1), Rental Fees: to add/modify/update the listing of boats in the Competitive, Junior Varsity and Recreational class”)


Adopted at the MURC AGM January, 2012. The following represents the official boat rental policy for rental of McGill University Rowing Club (MURC) meant to serve as a guideline.



(1x = 1 seat, 2x- = 2 seats, 4+/-/x = 4 seats, 8+ = 8 seats)

Competitive boats (Doug Vandor, Rob Baxter, Stroke of Luck, Red Wave, Eight for ’08, Redemption, Senator Alan Macnaughton):

$120/seat/month, or $30/seat/week

Junior Varsity boats (Paul Campbell, Mike Lizee, Heavy Red, Spirit of ’79): $80/seat/month, or $20/seat/week

Recreational boats (McConnell, Mr. Speaker, Red Dawn):

$40/seat/month, or $10/seat/week

Sculling oars $15/set/month, Sweep oar $10/oar/month.

Payable in FULL by cheque or cash to the MURC, PRIOR to the start of the rental period, (i.e., before the boat is rented out). Should the rental period be shorter than projected, the MURC will refund the difference when the boat is returned in satisfactory condition.


i) The rented equipment is solely to be used by the club renting the equipment – subsequent lending to a third party is prohibited.

ii) Equipment must be returned in the same condition as when it was rented, and will be inspected before and after by the Head Coach of the MURC and the loaner club. A list of preexisting damages will be drawn up prior to rental, if required.

iii) Competitive boats must ONLY be rowed by competitive athletes, and must have a competitive experienced coxie accompanied by a coach.


i) Rented equipment is to be covered by the insurance policv of the renting club.

ii) Should damage occur, with the exception of wooden boats, the boat must be sent back and repaired or replaced by the builder (i.e., Vespoli sent to Vespoli, Kaschper sent to Kaschper, Hudson sent to Hudson…) and a temporary equivalent quality loaner boat MUST be provided to the MURC should the repair not be completed in time for the start of the McGill season (4th week of August).

iii) All financial costs of repair, replacement, temporary loaner equipment, and transport to and from the boat builder are the responsibility of the renting club.

iv) A damage deposit may or may not be added, at the discretion of the Head Coach


The boat is washed and rinsed after use. All parts (riggers, oarlocks, seats, slides, wiring harness) are kept clean and in perfect working order. All maintenance expenses are the responsibility of the club renting the equipment.


Rented boats must be stored on a rack (not stretchers) indoors, in a secure location at all times, except during transport or at a regatta out of town. Bay 6 is not available for storage of rental equipment – storage is the responsibility of the renting club. However Bay 6 may be used to store other equipment. Any damages as a result of storage (moving boats, etc) are the responsibility of the renting club.


Transport must be safe and secure, and the renting club must ensure the boat is tied down properly. Transport of the boat before, during and after the rental period is the responsibility of the renting club.

At the discretion of the MURC, a renting club that does not adhere to one or more of the above conditions might not be eligible for future use of MURC equipment, and/or would have to return the equipment immediately without reimbursement.

The MURC reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any point. The contract will hold until the point of termination and then will cease to exist beyond that point.

In keeping with the above terms, the McGill University Rowing Club agrees to rent the _______________ to the _______________ Rowing Club, for the rental period of ______________, 20__ through _______________, 20__ at a total cost of $____________, (payment due immediately).

Signed, in Montreal, on ________________, 20__ by:

-_________________, Head Coach, McGill Rowing

-_________________, President McGill Rowing Executive

-_________________, President or other designated representative of the renting club.

c.c. Lisen Moore, Manager, Intercollegiate Sports, McGill Athletics

c.c. Robert Watt, Accountant, McGill University Department of Athletics

BOAT DAMAGE SUMMARY: (describe below)

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