McGill wins Head of the Rideau!

What an amazing weekend for McGill Crew at Head of the Rideau in Ottawa.
The team had it’s strongest showing at this regatta in years, winning many medals, as well as the regatta itself!
A big shoutout to the Novices, who captured 1st and 3rd in both the men’s and women’s division.
Here are the results for all of our boats from yesterday:

Women’s 8+, Varsity Light Men’s 2x, Varsity Men’s 4+, Varsity Light Men’s 4+, Novice Men’s 8+ (A), Varsity Women’s 8+, Varsity Women’s Light 8+, Junior Varsity Men’s 4+, Varsity Light Men’s 8+, Women’s 4+, Novice Women’s 8+ (A)
Varsity Men’s 1x, Varsity Women’s 1x, Varsity Men’s 2x, Varsity Light Women’s 4+, Men’s 8+, Women’s 2x
Junior Varsity Men’s 2x, Varsity women’s 4+, Novice men’s 8+ (B), Varsity Men’s 8+, Women’s 4+, Novice Women’s 8+ (B),

We will look to keep this going next weekend as we travel to Peterborough for Head of the Trent.

Clearly this team has the fitness, determination, and coaching to win. Now all we need is new equipment and you can help!
We are looking to purchase a new 2x to make the team more competitive and keep costs down for our hard working student athletes.
You can donate here to help us bring home more medals:…/project/mcgill-varsity-rowing

A HUGE thanks to all those who have already donated and helped us pass our initial 5000$ goal.
Now we want to extend our goal to 10,000$, which should cover the entire cost of a new 2x.

Find the full results here 

Go McGill!