Alright ladies and gentlemen, the event you have been waiting for all year is back… PERGATORY

For the misfortunate amongst you who have never heard of/been to this awesome event, let me break it down for you:
It’s our annual indoor erg competition. All the proceeds go to the team (a.k.a. you guys). Your coaches will likely insist that you do it, and if by some miracle they don’t, let me just say that you will become an outcast if you don’t participate. Not only is it a great opportunity to compete agaisnt your teammates and the rest of the QC rowing community, but it is coupled with the greatest afterparty of all time, Catch and Release (which Bradley and Tristan are in the final stages of planning).
Spread the word, invite your friends to come participate or watch, and most importantly signup!!!

McGill pERGatory 2015